Wednesday, June 27, 2012

hatch day... a day early?!

Well, I checked my eggs lastnight, and found one pip. On day 26! It was nearly day 27, so I suppose it's not all that early; but I got up again this morning and I have 3 pips now. yay! 

It looks like one of them pipped on the wrong side (didn't actually pip, just tried to pip) and hit a blood vessel, so I don't see that one being able to make it. My other 3 are pretty talkative though. I hear them cheeping!

Also, in other news, it looks like I'll be keeping my Welsh Harlequin boy after all. Some BYC ( members have talked me into it. WH boys are pretty calm, and people friendly, from what I've read, and heard. Not to forget, they're definitely gorgeous drakes; so if i'm going to keep a drake, I may as well keep one that I not only already own, and like, but one that I believe will grow up to be a protective leader of his flock, and is good looking enough to give me pretty, fertile, WH eggs to hatch someday. :)

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